That being in a bad relationship is worse than being single

Ifyou are in a unhealthy relationship or you aren’t happy in a relationship anymore you should leave. You may be sad once you leave because you are now alone, but it is better than wasting someones time because they and you could’ve been using that time to find someone new I always have to use my knuckles to remember the days in each month. I can’t even remember the number of the month, like May being the 5th month of the year, without counting them out. My bf finds it hilarious and regularly tests me, and I fail everytime. While most people will technically have an area between the peaks of the knuckles where it is lower, it’s not the same as the knuckle gap within a hand. You have to think of it a little more abstractly in this case. You can think of each hand as a binary sequence of knuckle and not knuckle, i.e. ^_^_^_^. Put them together and you have . Alternatively, just rotate your hands a bit so the peaks are the parts that touch.


I got it, I get it…I understood this mnemonic long before it was posted on reddit.

See my other post where I congratulate he who you first replied to for being so literal asking what to do with the space between hands…

It’s not the same as the space between knuckles, but when op uses the word space instead of for example valley between knuckles, it opens it up for interpretation. Your the kind of literal I like, keep it up even if they vote you down!

They should not have said the space between knuckles they should have said the valley that forms between knuckles and then we dont have to worry about the space from knuckle on left hand and knuckle on the right hand. I literally just had this conversation with someone. They were baffled at me counting my knuckles until I explained it. Get out of my head!!!! Lol I know it doesn’t help remember all the months, but once you learn that Augustus Caesar couldn’t stand that his daddy Julius had more days in his month and stole a day from February to make it equal, you’ll always remember July and August. I tried this and for some stupid reason started with February and was like, this is stupid. Then I did it the right way (starting with January) and realized im the stupid one. Or we could all adopt The New Calendar where every month is 36 days long, 9-day weeks are divisible into 3-day chunks (woo hoo 3-day weekends!), and you get to say things like “My birthday is on Summer 56, a Mercury Day.” Time reform or alternative time/datekeeping is a (very casual) interest of mine, and this website does an absolutely terrible job explaining how the calendar actually works, anticipating any of my questions, or even justifying the switch.

The best way to to remember how many days each month has is by changing over a client to a new accounting software and having to extract all their years worth of historical data month by month…

“Trial balance:

Month ended September 30, 2017"

etc, over and over again for days straight . .

Also, 2016 and 2020 were leap years. I love my job but boy it can be a drag

33m here. My wife has been trying to teach me this for 11 years. If I can’t remember something as simple as days in a month, how the hell am I supposed to remember a weird mnemonic that involves a body part trick and which knuckle to start on?

Meanwhile, I can remember intricate quotes and details from childrens books I read 25 years ago.

My wife didn’t believe I could remember details from toddlerhood. After we’d been married a couple of years, my mother sent me my childhood military medical record folder. Turns out my crazy story of getting a bad stomache flu and ending up in the hospital, and all of the details to go with it, were both true and happened when I was 2!

My brain sucks with time, dates, if I ate, what I ate, etc. But I’ll tell you what the Belgian Blue in my AP Euro textbook looked like to a “T” 20 years after I saw it.

My father taught me this when I was little and only done memorizing the name of the months. I never learned any rhyme thing. only knuckles and I still do this

Can’t you just use 1 finger for it? Just hold it up starting with January and then put it down for February. Repeating this should give you 31 days for finger up and 30/29/28 days for finger down.

You could also use literally anything that as at least 2 states. For example you look at a cloud in the sky. Starting with January, you count the cloud and continue to count the sky for every other month.

Thirty days hath September,

April, June and no wonder

All the rest eat peanut butter

except Grandmother, she drives a Buick.

For the love of god, don’t do this. If it doesn’t exist it’s likely for a good reason (too little market for the investment) And you’ll just be irritating whoever has to listen to you rant about “but why don’t they make X Y or Z?”

Feel free to comment to professional companies in the correct forum, but drunkenly yelling at your engineer friend for the 13th time about why they don’t make washing machines with built-in toasters is not the way to go.

My boss wanted me to email a 1400 people at the start of each month with individual data and charts from a spreadsheet report. I spent time learning VBA so I can do it with the press of one single button and it sends all the emails within an hour.

My only mistake was telling him it only takes an hour now haha

Python is so fun for things like this. Even with a decade of using it, I still enjoy how easy it is to pull in libraries that handle the hard stuff. I built a dumb little script on Friday night that uses an eye tracking library to switch between my two webcams so I can do dramatic “newscaster” camera turns on video calls. I used OpenCV and pyvirtualcam to make a virtual webcam that Chrome and see, and then that object has the ability to pass through one of my two hardware cameras. The eye-tracking part was actually pretty easy, since some Very Smart Cookies have tackled this problem. The same OpenCV library can handle it, but I was feeling very lazy and had used pygaze before so I just copy-pasted my code.

It seems like there’s a bit of interest in the full setup, so I’ll convince my wife (a much better programmer than I am) to help me clean it up and I’ll toss it in a public repo

A little bit more work but nothing major… Yet. Funny thing is that I don’t think my employers actually know how to use Excel. My “senior” counterpart is manually copy data from my workbooks over to hers instead of using a simple vlookup or index/match formula. I’m also showing someone how to use conditional formatting to highlight due dates instead of going through approx 5000 cells a month to highlight what’s due this month.

I’ve got the “automate the boring stuff with Python book” but only got in to like 50 pages and haven’t picked it up in months.

That’s crazy lol. You’ll surely get a raise for the work you’re doing.


I’m currently a student now and haven’t used Python for work, but I have been practising on small projects like web scraping and building a small Windows software for my courses. It’s highly unlikely they’ll get a raise. Far more likely that someone will lose their job as everyone can get their work done in a 10th of the time and any extra responsibilities they had will be shared among the rest of them for no extra pay or thanks.

My work is honestly so out of touch with technology. One coworker manually goes through about 5000 cells to highlight dates occuring this month. Can’t even filter by dates because they aren’t formatted like a date. And my “senior” Counterpart is manually copy data (read: retyping it because there are typos in what she copies) from my workbook to hers instead of using a vlookup formula or something.

The only upside is hopefully a big payraise at the end of the year.

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